Beth SKMorris, award winning poet whose poems take us to "deeply personal worlds full of reminders and surprises."
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Praise for..

         "In the Aftermath-

            9/11 Through 

         a Volunteer's Eyes"

Book Launch from the NYC Fire Museum: from the 

Chat Room--- 

"Strength, beauty, courage, sadness, care all come 

through your reading.

"Brava, Beth. Beautiful, Moving.

"Your poems captured the gravity of 9/11. 

All the sadness comes back Thank you for 

memorializing this terrible time.

"Powerful rendering of your experience. 

Especially poignant to hear multiple perspectives, 

and see how differently the impact was felt depending 

on one's role."

And from the Reviewers...

"Nostalgic and poignant, honorary and honest, 

with a voice raw and uniquely its own, this collection 

captures the immediate and distant aftermath of 

a tragedy still prominent in American minds."



            ****Four out of Four Star

 Rating from the OnLine Book Club!


          *****Five out of Five Star Rating

from the Book Commentary

What's new---

"In the Aftermath-9/11 Through a Volunteer's Eyes,"
proud to be offered by the National 9/11 Memorial
and Museum, NYC, and the NYC Fire Museum-
at the Museum Stores and on-line at
Now a part of the LIBRARY OF CONGRESS
collection, "POETRY of 9/11."

Books can be also be purchased through  
PoeticaPublishing or by contacting,

"Not Like Orpheus"  
from In the Aftermath.
An excerpt of the poem 
appears below:

       I made myself stay                       
in the passenger seat,
    used my asthma as an excuse,
rolled up the windows when we
    got to the Pile, let others unload 
  water and candy from the van...

The 9/11 Memorial Glade at the 9/11 Memorial
and Museum, NYC honoring all those first responders
who have died of 9/11 related diseases since
September 11, 2001.