Beth SKMorris' latest poetry collection, Nowhere to be Found now available.

Beth SK Morris, award-winning poet and author of Nowhere to be Found (2014) and In Florida (2010). Readers and reviewers alike applaud her "finally crafted and deeply moving poems" that "cast an unflinching eye upon the real world." Her  poetry "speaks powerfully resonant truths" and takes us "into strangely private worlds that somehow feel so like our own." Her work is both personal and universal  and appeals to every age group and background. Beth now lives in the lower Hudson River area of New York City. She is a member of the Hudson Valley Writers Center and Poets House in New York. 

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"Wave Hill in April" (Riverdale, NYC)

the water below lies

motionless, waiting 

for summer's tides

to carry the sailing

ships down the river

to the battery...


(Beth SK Morris)